Thank you for your interest in the Walnut Heights Swim Club!


Thank you for your interest in the Walnut Heights Swim Club!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Walnut Heights a Public or Private Swim Club? Walnut Heights is a member owned private swim facility. When you purchase a membership with the Walnut Heights Swim Club you become part owner of the facility and property.

Are there specific membership requirements? Because we are a privately owned swim club and want to keep the annual dues to a minimum, maintain the pool grounds and the flexible hours of our swim club, club members are required to work up to a one 4-hour work party assignment per season which are assigned on a rotating basis across the club members.

Do you have a swim team? Yes, Walnut Heights Swim Club is home to the Walnut Heights Otters Swim Team. During the Swim Team Season from late May to early early August, general usage of the facility will be limited to the baby pool during the afternoons while school is in session and from 7:30 to 1:30 pm while school is not in session. Swim Meets are generally held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Please refer to the swim meet schedule on Swim Team website for the dates of our home swim meets and other activities activities.

Do you offer swim lessons? Not through the club. During the summer swim team season, the Walnut Heights Otters Swim Team offers private swim lessons from their coaches for members of their swim team and club members based on availability (swim team members have priority). They also have an early swim development program (Otter Pups) for ages 5-7 coached by their Coaches and Otter Pup assistants. 4-year-olds can join, but are subject to the following requirements:


An assessment of the 4-year-old otter pups will occur prior to the start of the pups season. For more information see the The Walnut Heights Otters Swim Team otter pup page.

Can I join the swim team without joining the swim club? All new swim team members who are not members of the swim club, will be allowed to swim on the swim team and pay a One Year Trial Membership Fee for the first year. This provides new swim team families an opportunity to try out the swim team before joining the Swim Club. After the first year, swim team members who paid a Trial Membership Fee the previous year will be required to join the swim club in order to join the swim team.

The One Year Trial Membership is currently $675 per family with 15-18 year old swimmers being exempt from paying the trial membership fee. 

What privileges are provided to Swim Team member who pay a One Year Trial fee? Families on the Swim Team who have paid trial fee are considered Swim Team families and will be provided access to the facility and pool for the whole family.

How much does it cost to join the swim team? Registration Fee $380 per swimmer for the first 3. Registration for families with four or more swimmers is reduced to $290 per swimmer

How much does it cost to become a member of the swim club? One Time Refundable Membership Deposit $420.00. The one time membership deposit will be refunded at the time your membership is sold and you have been a member in good standing. Any applicable outstanding annual dues, fines or gate key fees will be deducted from your membership deposit upon the sale of your membership.

In addition, there is an annual due to cover pool operating expenses. Currently, the annual dues is $675.00

For prorated Dues after Memorial Day please contact us.

What do I need to do to join? You may complete your application on line by clicking the orange JOIN US NOW button. Once submitted you will be contacted by our Membership Chair for next steps.

What happens when I want to sell my Club membership? You may login to your account and notify us of your intent to sell your membership by clicking the REQUEST TO SELL button.

Or You may contact the Membership Chair in writing of your intent to sell your membership. Purchasing a membership is like purchasing a home. If the membership is below 175 members your $420 membership deposit must be purchased by another party before your membership can be sold. Although we make every effort to attract new members to the swim club, it can take between six and twelve months to sell a membership with the majority of memberships selling between March and June. In the event the swim club has a waiting list of potential buyers, you must first offer it for sale to the club for the first 30 days. This enables the swim club to sell memberships to families on the waiting list first.

According to our By-Laws, if your membership does not sell within 30 days from the receipt of your letter, your name will still remain on the "sell" list. After 30 days you may sell your membership on your own (subject to approval by the Board of Directors). However, you may not sell your membership for more than the current asking membership deposit. Once the transaction takes place, your membership will be considered sold and you will no longer be held responsible for any membership responsibilities. If you have a buyer, please notify the current Membership Chairman to complete the transfer of ownership paperwork.

Until your membership actually sells, you are still considered an active member of the swim club. This means you are responsible for paying your annual dues and fulfilling work party assignments. Upon the sale of your membership any outstanding late fees and fines for missed duties and/or unreturned pool keys will be deducted from the current $420.00 membership deposit. Should your membership sell during the season and providing the annual dues have been paid in full, you will receive a prorated reimbursement of your $675 annual dues. For prorated Dues after Memorial Day please contact us.

You will be notified when a buyer is found for the purchase of your membership. At that time you will need to return your pool key. Unreturned pool keys will incur a charge of $75.00. We allow two weeks for the return of the key before submitting the "sale" paperwork to the Treasurer.

We hope to welcome you to the Walnut Heights Swim Club. For any further questions please contact the Membership Chairman.

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